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2020 Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1 Carbon Road Bike in Black http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/giant/my20tcradpro1_colora.jpg

From daily training rides to your biggest race of the year. Lightweight, stiff and ultra-efficient, this carbon machine delivers pure road performance

2020 Giant Original MTB Pedal-Core in Black http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/67031.jpg

MTB platform pedal to suit the hard core rider as well as the leisure rider.

10MM TRACK NUTS Silver http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/raleigh/wel8033.jpg

Track nuts 10mm for standard solid bicycle axles.

14MM TRACK NUTS Silver http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/raleigh/wel8034.jpg

Track Nuts 14mm suitable for BMX spindles.

9MM TRACK NUTS Silver http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/raleigh/wel8032.jpg

Track Nuts suitable for 9mm bicycle spindles.

AHEADSET CAP and BOLT 1 inch 1/8 Black http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/raleigh/wel8042.jpg

This top cap is suitable for most 1 1/8" head sets with bolt.

AHEADSET SPACERS 5MM Black 3 in pack http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/raleigh/wel8043.jpg

1 1/8" pack of 3 5mm black head set spacers alloy.

AHEADSET STAR NUT 1 inch http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/raleigh/wel8040.jpg

This is that hard to find 1" Aheadset star nut.

AHEADSET STAR NUT 1 1/8 inch http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/raleigh/wel8041.jpg

Useful spare parts, this is the common 1 1/8" Aheadset star nut.

ALLEN KEY CRANK BOLTS Silver http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/raleigh/wel8031.jpg

Standard square tapered bottom bracket allen key crank bolts. 

Traditional Caliper Brake Cable Adjuster Silver http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/raleigh/wel8001.jpg

Hard to find parts, this is a traditional caliper brake cable adjuster.

Brake Cable O Rings or doughnuts black http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/raleigh/wel8006.jpg

Useful, hard to find parts. Brake cable O Rings or commonly called doughnuts in black.

Traditional Brake Cable Pinch Bolts Silver http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/raleigh/wel8002.jpg

Useful, hard to find parts. Traditional caliper cable brake pinch bolts.

Brake Cable Outer Casing Ferrels Black http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/raleigh/wel8005.jpg

Useful, hard to find parts. Black brake outer casing ferrels.

Brake Cable End Cover Crimps Silver http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/raleigh/wel8003.jpg

Useful parts. Brake cable end cover crimps silver, pack of 10.

CANTILEVER BRAKE BOSS BOLTS Silver http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/raleigh/wel8004.jpg

Hrd to find parts. Cantilever Brake Boss Bolts Silver.

Standard Cotterless Crank Nuts http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/raleigh/wel8030.jpg

Useful parts. Cotterless Crank Nuts 14mm for standard square tapered bottom bracket axle.

DISC BRAKE SHIMS SILVER http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/raleigh/wel8011.jpg

Useful parts. Disc Brake Shims.

DISC BRAKE ROTOR BOLTS SILVER http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/raleigh/wel8008.jpg

Useful parts. Disc Brake Rotor Bolts, packet of 6.

EASY PUMP WOODS VALVES http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/raleigh/wel8063.jpg

Hard to find, useful parts. Easy pump woods valves.

FOOTBALL, AIRBED and CYCLE ADAPTERS. http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/raleigh/wel8066.jpg

Handy pump adapters to inflate footballs, airbeds and cycle tyres.

EASY PUMP WOODS VALVE KIT COMPLETE http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/raleigh/wel8065.jpg

Handy parts. Easy pump woods valve kits complete.

XLC Street X Reflex Black/Reflex Tyres http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/raleigh/2509201000.jpg

Great value urban/touring tyre available in different size options. Prices from £10.99 to £14.99 dependant on size.

XLC Street X Puncture Protection Tyres http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/raleigh/2509281020.jpg

Affordable puncture protective tyres available in a popular range of sizes.

2020 Giant Tool Capsule - 200mm by 75mm in Black http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/giant/2016_giant_tool_capsule.jpg

Tool capsule offers an alternative storage solution for keeping items in easy reach wherever you have a spare bottle cage.

2020 Giant Entour E+ 1 RS Womens Electric Hybrid Bike in Blue http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/giant/my20_entour_e_1_rs_lds.jpg

Ride all the way across town in comfort and style. Commute every day or take the long route just for the fun of it. Long-lasting power and Smart Assist technology make the new Entour E+ irresistible.

2020 Altura Womens All Roads Short Black http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/al30wabs_41716.png

A relaxed and versatile baggy short which is ideal for a variety of on and off bike activities.

2020 Altura All Roads X Baggy Short Charcoal/Black http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/zyro/al30arxbs_41714.jpg

A Stylish and lightweight baggy short that is versatile enough for all terrains and a variety of activities both on and off the bike.

2020 Altura Icon Short Sleeve Jersey - Hex Blue http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/zyro/al25icohx_41666.jpg

The vibrant design makes a statement and the high-performance fabric backs it up. A jersey as individual as you are.

Ergon SM Sport Mens Mountain Bike Saddle Small/Medium http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/5942-17164-thickbox.jpg

The SM Men saddleseffectively avoid discomfort and numbness for most applications in mountain biking for most typse of mountain bike riders.

Cyclopro 6 Way Spoke Key Silver http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/raleigh/cpt306.jpg

The only spoke key needed for the home mechanic, fits most gauge nipples due to the six options.

Cyclopro Chain Rivet Extractor Silver http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/raleigh/cpt210.jpg

Affordable chain rivet extractor for the home mechanic.

Weldtite Schrader Valve Removal and Repair Tool http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/raleigh/wel8064.jpg

A simple tool that should be in every tool box, makes schrader valve replacement easy.

Aztec Road Brake Block Inserts in Black http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/mad/pba3002.jpg

Replacement brake pads compatible with many Shimano and other thid party calipers.

Aztec Road Brake Block Inserts in Black http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/mad/pba3022.jpg

Replacement pads for Aztec Road System also compatible with most Shimano and other third party calipers. Pack Of 2 Pairs.

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