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EASY PUMP WOODS VALVES http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/raleigh/wel8063.jpg

Hard to find, useful parts. Easy pump woods valves.

FOOTBALL, AIRBED and CYCLE ADAPTERS. http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/raleigh/wel8066.jpg

Handy pump adapters to inflate footballs, airbeds and cycle tyres.

EASY PUMP WOODS VALVE KIT COMPLETE http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/raleigh/wel8065.jpg

Handy parts. Easy pump woods valve kits complete.

XLC Cross X Tyre http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/raleigh/2509260500.jpg

Great value hybrid cycle tyre for Leisure use.

XLC Street X Reflex Black/Reflex Tyres http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/raleigh/2509201000.jpg

Great value urban/touring tyre available in different size options. Prices from £10.99 to £14.99 dependant on size.

XLC Street X Puncture Protection Tyres http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/raleigh/2509281020.jpg

Affordable puncture protective tyres available in a popular range of sizes.

Giant Tyre Bead Lubricant 100ml for Tubeless Systems http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/300000045-tire-mounting-lubricants-1-.jpg

Makes fitting tubeless tyres easier by providing a slippery layer between tyre bead and bead hooks, helping tyre quickly snap into place upon inflation.

Park Emergency Tyre Boot http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/tb-2_002.jpg

A must have reliable self adhesive patch for emergency tyre repairs that can also be used with tubeless systems.

Giant Tubeless Tyre Plugs For Treaded Tyres http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/300000048-tyre-plugs.jpg

From pro-level race bikes to sport, fitness and adventure bikes. Giant delivers the benefits of tubeless tyre technology to riders of all types.



2019 Giant Patch Kit and Super Glue For Slik Tyre Repair in Black http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/giant/300000046-patch-kit-super-glue-tyre-repair.jpg

From pro-level race bikes to sport, fitness and adventure bikes, Giant delivers the benefits of tubeless tyre technology to riders of all types.

Nutrak Tyre 10 1/2 x 1 Buggy Tyre Black http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/mad/tyn009.jpg

A high quality Stroller Tyre offering great value designed to give excellent all weather performance.

Nutrak 10 1/2 x 1 7/8 Stroller Inner Tube http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/mad/t11nbv.jpg

Buggy, Stroller 10" Schrader Inner Tube With 45 Degree Valve.

Nutrak 12x11/2 x2 1/4 12 Semi Slick Stroller Tyre http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/mad/tyn010.jpg

A great value Semi-Slick Stroller Tyre offering good duarability.

Giant 27.5 Plus 2.8-3.0 Presta Valve Tube 48mm Valve http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/image_975_4_5637156827.gif.jpeg

A quality tube from Giant for that plus size mountain bike wheel.

Giant Gavia 0 All Condition 700C Tubeless Tyres http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/340000177-78-79-80-95-96-gavia-ac-tyre.jpg

This tubeless tyre is the ideal all year round choice, with punture protection and available in the two popular 700c sizes, 700 x 25c and 700 x 28c.

Giant 2oz Tubeless Sealant http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/image_975_4_11249502866.jpg

Giants own handy 2oz tubless tyre sealant. Top up or replace your sealant with this handy bottle.

GIANT CONTROL TANK BLACK TUBELESS TYRE SEATING PUMP http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/giant_control_tank.jpg

Seating tubeless tyres correctly requires an intant high volume shot of air. Make this job easy with The Giant Control Tank Pump, a must have accessory if you are running tubeless tyres.

Slime TUBE 27.5X1.90-2.125 Shrader Valve http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/bike_tubes_fam20.jpg
Slime tubes instantly seal up to 1/8" (3mm) punctures. Stops annoying punctures and keeps you riding when others around are suffering.
Raleigh 26x1.1/4 SPORT Tyre Black http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/t1465.jpg

The sport tread design, provides great traction for road use on these 26 x 11/4 Tyres.

Panaracer Ribmo Folding Puncture Resistant Tyres http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/zyro/pa700ribf.jpg

Panaracer RIBMO FOLDING PUNCTURE RESISTANT TYRES. Ideal for Fast Commuting or Touring. The Ultimate year round Tyre. Fast, Light and Tough.

Panaracer Ribmo Steel Tyre http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/zyro/pa700rib.jpg

FAST – LIGHT – TOUGH. The RiBMo superb design and embedded technology means you can enjoy a tyre that is Fast and Light without compromising toughness. The ultimate all year – all round tyre.

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