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2020 Giant Contend AR 2 Road Bike in Blue http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/my20contendar2_colora.jpg

Explore an unknown corner of your map. Climb that summit you see in the distance. With disc brakes and smooth-riding, high-volume tubeless tyres, this new road machine encourages you to elevate your road riding adventures.

2020 Liv Avail AR 2 Endurance Road Bike in Yellow http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/giant/my20availar2_colorb.jpg

Follow your adventure on the road less travelled

2020 Giant TCR Advanced Pro 3 Disc Carbon Road Bike in Silver http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/my20tcradpro3d_colora.jpg

Faster on climbs, faster on descents. This unbeatable all-rounder is lightweight, ultra-efficient, and always in control. From the mountains to the flats, in all conditions and any weather, tcr advanced pro disc takes it to the next level.

2019 Giant Defy Advanced Pro 1 Road Bike in Black http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/my19-defy-adpro-1_color-a.jpg

Smooth, superlight and built for compliance. From Gran Fondos to epic solo rides, this new, reengineered defy advanced pro represents the pinnacle of endurance road performance.

2019 Liv Langma Adv Pro 1 Disc Black Womens Road Bike http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/giant/my19-langma-adpro-1-d_color-a.jpg

This Feather-Light Racing Bike Delivers The Speed And Strength Needed For Any Climb, Race Or Ride.

2019 Giant Contend SL 1 Disc Grey Mens Road Bike http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/giant/my19-contend-sl1d_color-a.jpg

The Perfect Blend Of Confident And Capable. Designed To Help You Take Your Road Riding To The Next Level, Contend SL Disc Is Your Ticket To Longer Rides, Faster Speeds, And More Fun Than You Ever Imagined.

2019 Liv Avail 2 Charcoal Womens Road Bike http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/giant/my19-avail-2_color-a.jpg

From Epic Solo Adventures To Group Road Rides, Avail Is Light, Comfortable And Engineered For Female Riders.

2019 Giant Contend 2 Pure Red Mens Road Bike http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/giant/my19-contend-2_color-b.jpg

Smooth, Fast And Fun. This Versatile Aluminum Road Bike Blends Agility And Comfort. So You Can Push The Pace, Ride More Miles, And Have More Fun On The Road.

2019 Liv Langma Advanced Pro 1 Charcoal Womens Road Bike http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/giant/my19langmaadpro1-pc_colora.jpg

This Feather-Light Racing Bike Delivers The Speed And Strength Needed For Any Climb, Race Or Ride.

2019 Giant Propel Advanced Pro 2 Electric Blue Aero Road Bike http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/my19propeladpro2_colora.jpg

Give yourself the aero advantage when and where you need it most. This all-new wind-slicing road bike minimizes drag and saves precious watts in sprints, breakaways and attacks. Because small gains lead to big wins.

2019 Liv Avail Advanced 3 Black Womens Endurance Road Bike http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/giant/my19-avail-adv-3_color-a.jpg


2019 Giant TCR Advanced Pro 1 Gunmetal Black Road Bike http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/giant/my19tcradpro1_colora.jpg From Daily Training Rides To Your Biggest Race Of The Year. Lightweight, Stiff And Ultra-Efficient, This Composite Machine Delivers Pure Road Performance To Make Your Podium Dreams Come True
2019 Liv Langma Advanced 2 Disc Chameleon Blue Womens Road Bike http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/giant/my19langmaadv2d_colora.jpg This Feather-Light Racing Bike Delivers The Speed And Strength Needed For Any Climb, Race Or Ride
2018 Liv Invite Women’s Purple Road/Gravel Bike http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/invite-color-a-dark-purple.jpg

Inviting easch and every women to tackle road and gravel rides with confidence and ease. Your next adventure starts here.



2019 Liv Langma Advanced Pro 2 Disc Carbon Womens Road bike in Blue http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/giant/my19langmaadpro2d_colora.jpg

This Feather-Light Racing Bike Delivers The Speed And Strength Needed For Any Climb, Race Or Ride.

2020 Liv Avail SL 1 Disc Endurance Road Bike in Blue http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/giant/avail.jpg

From epic solo adventures to group road rides, Avail SL disc is light, comfortable and engineered for female riders.

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