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2020 Giant Tool Capsule - 200mm by 75mm in Black http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/giant/2016_giant_tool_capsule.jpg

Tool capsule offers an alternative storage solution for keeping items in easy reach wherever you have a spare bottle cage.

Cyclopro 6 Way Spoke Key Silver http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/raleigh/cpt306.jpg

The only spoke key needed for the home mechanic, fits most gauge nipples due to the six options.

Cyclopro Chain Rivet Extractor Silver http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/raleigh/cpt210.jpg

Affordable chain rivet extractor for the home mechanic.

Weldtite Schrader Valve Removal and Repair Tool http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/raleigh/wel8064.jpg

A simple tool that should be in every tool box, makes schrader valve replacement easy.

Altura Vortex 2 Waterproof Front Roll 2020 Grey 10 litre http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/zyro/albv2f_41734.jpg

On the front line of waterproof protection the Altura Vortex 2 Waterproof Front Roll is ideal for your bike packing adventures.

Altura Vortex Ultralite Single Pannier 2020 Grey 15 litre http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/zyro/albvorulp_41737.jpg

Altura believe this to be the lightest pannier in the world, the Vortex Ultralite fully waterproof single pannier is perfect for those adventures when you need to pack light.

Altura Energy Pack Cross Bar Mount Charcoal http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/zyro/albnrgpk_41726.jpg

A water resistant energy pack for keeping ride essentials and fuel close to hand.

Altura Nightvision Saddlebag 2020 Charcoal X-Large http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/zyro/albnvr_41728.jpg

An extra large version of Alturas popular NV saddle bag perfect for carrying all the essentials you need for a day out on the road.

Hiplok Airlok Wall Mounted Bike Lock/Hanger White http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/zyro/hlalk1_23634.jpg

Airlok is the first secure, wall mounted bicycle storage hanger. Meets maximum Sold Secure Gold rating with an intergrated hardened steel lock.

Park Tool CNW-2 Chainring Nut Wrench in Silver http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/mad/qkcnw2.jpg

The CNW-2 makes Chain Ring Bolt installation and removal easy.

Giant Control Tower Pro Boost Pump http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/control-tower-boost=silver-610000159.jpg

With the all new Giant Control Tower Pro Boost, featuring a fully intergrated 200psi tubeless inflator chamber alongside the standard inflation chamber.

CamelBak Podium Mud Cap Black http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/zyro/cbmudcap.jpg

Keep your Camelbak Podium Bottle drinking experience with the Mud Cap, no more dirty hydration.

Topeak Ninja Master Cage SK http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/5825-15430-large.jpg

A reversible cage can that can be mounted to easily grab your bottle from either side. Designed for use with Ninja Cage QuickClick Accessories.

Topeak Ninja Master Cage X http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/5789-15427-large.jpg

A stylish water bttle cage for use with Ninja cage Quickclick mounting accessories.

Topeak Ninja Master Cage X1AJ http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/5791-15440-large-2.jpg

An adjustable design allows the cage to be raised or lowered to fit smaller frames and tighter spaces. Intergrated tyre levers. Designed for use with Ninja cage QuickClick accessories.

Topeak Ninja Master Cage Z http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/5792-15444-large.jpg

The ultimate water bottle cage holds your bottle securely throughout your ride. Designed for use with the Ninja cage QuickClick accessories.

Topeak Ninja Master CO2 Fuelpack http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/5793-15448-large.jpg

Fix flats in a flash. This CO2 inflator and cartridges fit neatly under your Topeak Ninja Bottle cage (see bottle cage section) leaving room in your pockets for other essentials.

Topeak Ninja Master Free Strappack http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/5794-15449-large.jpg

The Ninja Free StrapPack provides an alternative way to pack most inner tubes with a mini tool or CO2 cartridge for your ride, clips neatly to Ninja Bottle cages ( see bottle cage section).

Topeak Ninja Master Mountain Box http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/5795-15451-large.jpg

The Ninja storage box will hold a spare MTB tube up to 29"x2.35" or other essentials for use when you need them. For use with Ninja bottle cage (see bottle cage section).

Topeak Ninja Master T20 Toolbox http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/5798-15459-large.jpg

This weatherproof tool box mounts to Ninja Master series cages (see bottle cage section). Includes 20 function multi tool for any repairs and roadside maintenance. 

Topeak Ninja Master T8 Toolbox http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/5799-15461-large.jpg

This weatherproof tool box mounts to Ninja Master series cages (see bottle cage section). Includes an 8 function multi tool for basic repair and maintenance.

Moon AW19 Meteor Storm Pro Black http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/raleigh/laamy1908.jpg

New for Autumn Winter 2019 is the Moon Meteot Storm Front Light. With amaximum output of 2000 lumens and a run time of two hours at maximum output.

Tortec Air Cage White http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/tt080sl_4382.png

Made from lightweight thermo composite with sleek aerodynamic styling and design.

Tifosi Swank Single Lens Eyewear Crystal Light Blue http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/zyro/tifswa_36065.jpg

Swank is an exciting, sporty fashion style, suitable for active, every day use.

Tifosi Swank Single Lens Eyewear Icicle Red/Smoke Red http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/zyro/tifswa_36073.jpg

Swank is an exciting, sporty fashion style, suitable for active, everyday use.

SKS Raceblade Pro Mudguard Set Black http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/zyro/skmrbp.jpg

The ultimate clip-on mudguard set for road bikes. Will fit tyre width up to 25mm.

SKS RACEBLADE LONG MUDGUARD SET BLACK http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/zyro/skmrbll2.jpg

This ultra long clip-on mudguard set for road bike tyres to a maximum 25mm width protects you what ever the weather.

Giant Arx Sidepull Junior Bottle Cage Black http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/airway-arx-sidepull-bottle-cage-black-490000145.jpg

Giant Airway ARX side pull cage allows easy and quick bottle access on the ARX or other compatible kids' bikes.

Giant Arx Junior Bottle Transparent Green 400cc http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/doublespring-arx-transparent-green-480000402.jpg

Giant Double Spring ARX bottle is ideal for the young rider.

Giant Arx Junior Bottle Transparent Yellow 400cc http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/doublespring-arx-transparent-yellow-480000403.jpg

Giant Double Spring ARX bottle is ideal for the younger rider.

Giant Arx Junior Bottle Transparent Orange 400cc http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/doublespring-arx-transparent-orange-480000404.jpg

Giant Double Spring ARX bottle is ideal for the younger rider.

Cateye Ampp 400 USB Front Light: Black http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/zyro/ca460a400_39764.jpg

Perfect for urban riding, the compact, lightweight cateye Ampp 400 offers impressive functionality and visibility.

Cateye Ampp 500 USB Front Light: Black http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/zyro/ca460a500_39763.jpg

Perfect for urban riding, the compact, lightweight Cateye Ampp 500 offers impressive funcionality and visibility.

Cateye Ampp 800 USB Front Light Black http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/zyro/ca460a800_39762.jpg

A true performer, in every sense of the word, the new Ampp 800 is compact, good side visibilty and excellent 800 lumens.

Cateye Ampp 1100 USB Front Light: Black http://www.everndencycles.co.uk//images/zyro/ca460a1100_39761.jpg

The Ampp 1100 uses a compact twin LED design to powerfully light the way ahead, whatever the terrain throws at you.

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